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Remote ServiceEminent Design Group provides remote computer support for residential clients and small businesses. Most computer issues are resolved within 24 hours by Let Us Remote In wireless remoting, which affords you the convenience of keeping your computer at your home/office. There are some occasions that require physical repair/maintenance, in which case we will come to you! Therefore, No more disconnecting cords and cables to transport your computer for repair! EDGe is committed to fulfilling ALL OF YOUR COMPUTER NEEDS! We are conveniently located in St. Louis, Missouri and we take pride in providing services to most brand name products. In addition, EDGe can help you set up your NEW EQUIPMENT (computer, printer, wireless network, backup etc.) Our experienced support staff will keep your computers safe, secure, and operating efficiently.

What is more, we offer premium Web Design, Grapic Design and We'll even host the site we build for you! Essentially, EDG is your one stop shop for all of your I.T. needs. Let us give you the competitive EDGe!

We'll fix Your Issue Without You Leaving your Business or Home High Impact Web Design Built For Any Device Business Cards, Logos, Stationary, flyers Business Cards, Logos, Stationary, flyers

AVG Internet Security

We'll handle your I.T. You handle your business.